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Did you know...?

You should have your lawn aerated once a year in clay soils. Lawn aeration allows water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots and stimulate stronger root development.

A healthy lawn helps reduce some causes of allergies. One acre of turf has the cooling effect of a 70 ton air conditioner; one 50' x 50' lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of four. Turf also acts a sound absorber.

If it's hot in the spring and summer this could result in higher than normal grub populations in late summer/fall. We recommend having a nematode grub control applied in August.

What Our Clients Say...

I have used the services of Acclaim Lawn & Home for a number of years. We recently switched to the new “Organic” program and our lawn looks beautiful. I would recommend Acclaim to any property owner looking for an easy, stress-free lawn application company.

- Chris Saunders, Burlington, ON